Using Ports

View Ports cd /usr/ports ls Install A Port /usr/ports/pathto/port make install clean Example – Installs the IRC Bouncer Miau: cd /usr/ports/irc/miau make install clean Un-Install A Port /usr/ports/pathto/port make deinstall Example – Un-Installs the IRC Bouncer Miau: cd /usr/ports/irc/miau make deinstall Update Ports Collection as root, cp /usr/share/examples/cvsup/ports-supfile /root/... Read More »

Updating the Ports Collection using Portsnap

Portsnap can be a useful tool when updating your FreeBSD Ports Collection. To install portsnap: AS ROOT: # cd /usr/ports/sysutils/portsnap # make # make install If these operations run successfully you can now run portsnap. As root, perform this command: # portsnap fetch Portsnap will then retrieve the latest version of the Ports tree metadata. NOTE: The first time you run portsnap, YOU MUST ALSO ... Read More »


Getting in start a new screen session: screen attach to a running session: screen -r attach multiple terminals to an attached, running session: screen -rx the “ultimate attach”: screen -dRR (Attaches to a screen session. If the session is attached elsewhere, detaches that other display. If no session exists, creates one. If multiple sessions exist, uses the first one.) Escape key All screen co... Read More »