SSH Tunnel with Putty and Squid

The purpose of this guide is to provide an easy to follow set of instructions that should allow you to create an SSH tunnel in around 10 minutes. Step 1: Getting started What you will need: Remote server running SSH (Debian server is used in this guide) Putty Squid Install squid: apt-get install squid Step 2: Configure putty Start putty From left hand tree menu select Click SSH (under the Connecti... Read More »

Installing and Configuring Anope Services 1.7.x

Retrieve the latest build of the 1.7.x series from Login to your shell and transfer the “tar.gz” via ssh or ftp. Now, you must ssh into your shell to begin installing. Once you’re inside the shell, perform the following commands (i will assume the latest version is 1.7.13): gunzip anope-1.7.13.tar.gz tar xfv anope-1.7.13.tar cd anope-1.7.13 ./Config (if you c... Read More »

Setting up Eggdrop

*NOTE – This only applies to servers where you are allowed to compile, a lot or free shell servers have their own way of setting up eggdrop automatically, if in doubt ask your provider* SSH to the server, then run the following commands at the command prompt: Install wget tar zxvf eggdrop1.6.17.tar.gz cd eggdrop1.6.17 ./confi... Read More »

Setting up psyBNC

If you know nothing about bncs, a bnc is short for a ‘bouncer.’ A bnc acts as a proxy for irc, allowing you to hide your real IP address and use a vhost (vanity host - something like ‘’). What are the advantages of this? Well, mainly there’s just one important one: It’ll stop stupid packet kiddies from trying to knock you off the network.... Read More »