Scaling webservices – Part 1 – Installing Nginx + MySQL + PHP5 on Debian/Ubuntu

This guide was mostly created as a reference for setting up fanart.tv servers, but I hope others will also find it useful, among the things covered are setting up Nginx, MySQL, PHP5, Rysnc without passwords, MySQL database replication, and MySQL backups. As our site got bigger, trying to run everything on 1 server proved too much for it to handle so we needed to move some of the services onto diff... Read More »

A great place for Movie, TV and Music artwork

A great place for Movie, TV and Music artwork

fanart.tv is rapidly becoming the best place to get fanart for your favourite TV shows, Movies and Music artists. The site hosts a collection of images for all your favourite media and grows daily due to having some great contributors. At the time of writing the site hosts over 50,000 images, with the music section currently being the biggest section on the site, but the Movie section is new to th... Read More »

Setup OpenVPN

Setup OpenVPN This is very rough at the moment, i have to go through it at some point and tidy it up, the reason its in this rough state was because i was writing it while setting it up on my virtual server, however, its not possible to set this up on it, totally unrelated to this guide though, its just the configuration of the virtual server doesnt allow it. If you find anything wrong, or have an... Read More »