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WordPress – Paid memberships pro for clubs or associations

A lot of clubs and associations have membership fees that are due on particular dates yearly, these simple customisations will allow you to not only set the recurring payment date but allow pro rata payments for members joining part way through the year. Paid memberships pro is a great plugin from http://www.paidmembershipspro.com/ it allows you to create paid membership levels and while its basic... Read More »

TheTVDB Artwork Templates

TheTVDB Artwork Templates

A collection of templates for artwork for TheTVDB.com, these templates should ensure uploaded artwork is set to the correct dimensions. All templates come in a PSD so they can be easily edited and each PSD has multiple style for you to choose from. I will try to update the templates regularly. Read More »

CSS Cheatsheet

Background Backgrounds can be tricky. Nevertheless, effective when condensed correctly. The syntax for declaring the background shorthand values are as follows: background properties element { background-color: color || #hex || (rgb / % || 0-255); background-image:url(URI); background-repeat: repeat || repeat-x || repeat-y || no-repeat; background-position: X Y || (top||bottom||center) (left||righ... Read More »

MySQL Cheatsheet

Query SELECT * FROM table SELECT * FROM table1, table2, ... SELECT field1, field2, ... FROM table1, table2, ... SELECT ... FROM ... WHERE condition SELECT ... FROM ... WHERE condition GROUPBY field SELECT ... FROM ... WHERE condition GROUPBY field HAVING condition2 SELECT ... FROM ... WHERE condition ORDER BY field1, field2 SELECT ... FROM ... WHERE condition ORDER BY field1, field2 DESC SELECT ..... Read More »