install windows with pxe

Easy way to PXE Boot Windows

This guide provides an easy and relatively quick way to PXE boot windows which means you can install Windows over the network with PXE without the need for a CD drive. This is especially useful for old laptops that have no cd drive and can't boot from USB. This guide is much quicker than the previous guide because it just installs a plain (vanilla) version of windows without all the unnecessary st... Read More »

Install Windows over network with PXE

You may have read in a previous post how i installed Ubuntu on my sisters laptop with PXE, well this worked great, but i couldnt for the life of me get WPA to work on the wireless card, so after about a week of trying i decided to try and PXE boot windows as the laptop had no floppy drive, no CD drive and couldnt boot from USB, what follows is the result of the trials and tribulations of that expe... Read More »