A great place for Movie, TV and Music artwork

A great place for Movie, TV and Music artwork

fanart.tv is rapidly becoming the best place to get fanart for your favourite TV shows, Movies and Music artists.

The site hosts a collection of images for all your favourite media and grows daily due to having some great contributors.

At the time of writing the site hosts over 50,000 images, with the music section currently being the biggest section on the site, but the Movie section is new to the site and really starting to increase.

Every image submitted to the site goes through a quality control process, so you can be sure that most images you get from the site will be top quality (there are a few images that slipped through the nets, but they are few and far between), and if the site is missing images you would like it’s very easy to make requests.

The site has a pretty comprehensive set of API’s to allow 3rd parties access to the data for use in things like scrapers, to use the API’s you will need an API key and links to documentation for the API’s can be found in the side bar of the same page.

Music Artwork

The artist section is currently the biggest section on the site and has over 30,000 images.  The site has a range of different image types including wallpapers (also known as backdrops, backgrounds or fanart) that are all 1080p, ClearLOGOs (a transparent image with the artists logo on it), cdART (a transparent cd disc), and album covers.

There is a template for cdART: Photoshop template / GIMP template and several tutorials on how to use them Photoshop video tutorial / GIMP tutorial / Photoshop tutorial

Top 5 artists/bands with the most artwork

  1. The Rolling Stones (152 Images)
  2. Motörhead (136 Images)
  3. The Beatles (85 Images)
  4. Nightwish (84 Images)
  5. Iron Maiden (83 Images)

TV Artwork

Like the Music section the TV section has many different types of image types that can be used for a variety of different applications.

Top 5 TV Shows with the most artwork

  1. Dexter (72)
  2. Doctor Who (68)
  3. Fringe (55)
  4. The Simpsons (51)
  5. Breaking Bad (50)

Movie Artwork

Movie artwork is the newest category and so is currently the smallest, however it’s growing at a pretty fast rate.

Top 5 Movies with the most artwork

  1. Star Trek (29)
  2. WALL-E (20)
  3. Alice in Wonderland (19)
  4. Avatar (19)
  5. TRON: Legacy (18)